We are Egemen

We use our innovative vision for the environment and people.

Our customers and employees are our priority.

For sustainable nature, we produce products that are reusable and regularly tested and quality controlled.

Yearly Vacuum Bag Production
Yearly Bag Production
Yearly Packagıng Production
"To be a Pioneer in developing creative designs that make life easier and change the world."

Our Brands

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Wide Product Range

Thanks to its outstanding sales and marketing team, it is now well known in both national and international chain markets, especially in the sale of vacuum bags, as well as many products such as kitchenware, household goods, glassware.

Vacuum Bags

Check our vacuum bag types, vacuum travel bag, vacuum scrap and vacuum bag sets product groups

Eco-Friendly Bags

An eco-friendly bag prevents the use of 300 plastic bags, check out our eco-friendly bag models

Flexible Packaging

We are at your service in various packaging areas with our newly added flexible packaging production line.

Home Textiles

Check out our wide range of colors, from vibrant hues that reflect seasonal trends to calm and elegant colors

Import Products

Kitchen Equipment, medical masks, ironing board covers, organizers and sports & outdoor products.


We Work for Our World

We, as humans, work for our world. We recognize our responsibility and strive for the sustainability of our planet. We face major challenges such as climate change, depletion of natural resources and environmental pollution. For this reason, we are working in various areas such as increasing energy efficiency, using renewable energy sources and giving importance to waste management.

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